2600 – emulator

games/2600 [ –a ] [ –x scale ] romfile

2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600. It executes the romfile given as an argument, and controls as if using a regular 4–direction 1–button joystick, using space button and directional keys. The q, w, e and r keys correspond respectively to the reset, select, player 1 difficulty and color mode switches. Other keys: F1    Pause the emulator. If already paused it will step one video frame.
F12    Toggle the emulator's speedometer. It shows in the upper left, off–viewport corner, the ratio between the expected and observed time it took to draw 60 frames.
t     Toggle tracing of the emulator.
`     It uncaps the 60fps frame rate and lets emulation go as fast as possible.
Esc    Pause the emulator.
Del   Exit the emulator.

Command line options:
a    Enable audio output.
x    Scale the screen to a given factor regardless of the window's size.

A joystick may be used to play the emulator via joy(1).



2600 first appeared in 9front (November, 2014).