blit – Blit emulator

games/blit [ –m ] [ –b baud ] [ –C bg,fg ] –d | –t [net!]machine[!port]

Blit is an emulator for the Blit terminal. It connects to the host specified by the dial(2) string [net!]machine[!port].

The colors are configurable with the –C option in the format rrggbb,rrggbb, where the first color is the background (normally white) and the second color is the foreground (normally black).

The emulator has accurate relative timing but runs as fast as it can. By default, however, it uses a baudrate of 40,000 baud (real hardware used 19,200). This is configurable with the –b option. Beware that the Blit software is not able to handle baud rates that are too high.

If the –m option is set, the Plan 9 mouse cursor is not hidden.

If –d is specified instead of –t, the diagnostic ROM is booted instead.


It should support connections via a pipe rather than telnet.

Blit first appeared in 9front (Mar, 2017).