fstype – determine file system type

fstype file

The file being a partition or file system image, fstype determines the type of a disk file system and prints it. If the type cannot be determined, then the error status is set.

Known file systems are:
9660     ISO9660 CD–ROM (see dossrv(4))
dos      FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 DOS (see dossrv(4))
paqfs    compressed paqfs(4)
kfs      old Plan 9 disk file system
fs       32–bit and
fs64     64–bit dump file system (see fs(4))
cwfs     32–bit,
cwfs64   64–bit and
cwfs64x   long file name cache worm file system (see cwfs(4))
hjfs     hj file system (see hjfs(4))