paint – create image files by drawing with a mouse or other pointing device

paint [ file ]

Paint displays a canvas upon which can be drawn lines using the mouse holding down buttons 1 or 2 for foreground or background color. The canvas may be moved with button 3. Colors and brush sizes may be selected by clicking on the palette at the bottom of the screen with buttons 1 or 2. Clicking button 3 on the palette allows changing a color by entering its hex value.

If the optional file argument is specified, then it is read and used as the canvas. Paint only recognizes Plan 9 bitmap format (see image(6)).

A number of immediate keyboard commands are recognized:
u     Undos the previous action.
c     Clears the canvas with the background color.
1–9   Select brush size.
f     Select flood fill brush.
+     Doubles magnification.
–     Halves magnification.
esc   Centers the canvas and resets magnification.

Hitting any other key on the keyboard shows a command prompt where the following commands may be entered:
rfile   Reads the canvas from file.
wfile   Writes the canvas to file.
Executes command and reads the canvas from its standard output.
Executes command and writes the canvas to its standard input.
Transforms the canvas by piping it through command.
q     Quits the program.


resample(1), rotate(1), crop(1), jpg(1), page(1), image(6)

Paint first appeared in 9front (October, 2011).