src, Bfn – find source code for executable

src [ –n ] [ –s symbol ] file ...

Bfn fn

Src examines the named files to find the corresponding source code, which is then sent to the editor using B (see sam(1)). If file is an rc(1) script, the source is the file itself. If file is an executable, the source is defined to be the single file containing the definition of main and src will point the editor at the line that begins the definition. Src uses db(1) to extract the symbol table information that identifies the source.

Src looks for each file in the current directory, in /bin, and in the subdirectories of /bin, in that order.

The –n flag causes src to print the file name but not send it to the editor. The –s flag identifies a symbol other than main to locate.

Bfn finds the definition of all C functions named fn by searching the .c files in the current directory. It prints the file name and line number of each match found and submits the match to the plumber(4) if it is unique. Fn can be a regexp(6).

Find the source to the main routine in /bin/ed:
src ed

Find the source for strcmp:
src –s strcmp rc


db(1), plumb(1), sam(1).

Bfn requires the source code to follow style(6).