tel, iwhois – look in phone book

tel key ...

iwhois name[@domain]

Tel looks up key in a private telephone book, $home/lib/tel, and in the public telephone book, /lib/tel. It uses grep (with the –i option to ignore case differences), so the key may be any part of a name or number. Customarily, the telephone book contains names, userids, home numbers, and office numbers of users. It also contains a directory of area codes and miscellaneous people of general interest.

Iwhois looks up names in the Internet NIC's personnel database. Name should be a surname optionally followed by a comma and given name. A different server can be chosen by appending to the name an @ followed by the server's domain name.

/lib/areacodes   Telephone area codes database.
/lib/tel         Public telephone number database.
$home/lib/tel    Personal telephone number database.