lnfs – long name file system

lnfs [ –r ] [ –s srvname ] mountpoint
unlnfs mountpoint

Lnfs starts a process that mounts itself (see bind(2)) on mountpoint. It presents a filtered view of the files under the mount point, allowing users to use long file names on file servers that do not support file names longer than 27 bytes.

The names used in the underlying file system are the base32 encoding of the md5 hash of the longer file name. The user need not know the mapping since lnfs does all the work. Lnfs maintains a file .longnames in the directory mountpoint to record the long file names.

The options are:
r    allow only read access to the file system
s    provide a service name, srvname, to post in /srv. Without this option, no posting is performed.

Unlnfs renames files with shortened names to their actual long names. It is useful once you have moved to a file server with true long name support.




This exists only to shame us into getting a real long name file server working.